Video directed by William Eadon for So We Have This Violent Beautiful Earth starring: Cole Mohr, Chidi Odili, Elizabeth Ammerman, India Menuez, Pam DaBam, Tyann Jackson, Coco Young, William Lewis, Thomas Harney, Marine Boucher, Wilhelmina models, Lana Petrusevych, Kara Searle, Marcella Sbraletta, Aldous Huxley, Aleister Crowley, Maurice Chatelain, Our Cosmic Ancestors, Royal Army Of Earth, Bartholomew Second Moon, Skynet, Zecharai Sitchin, The 12th Planet 11:11, As above so below, merkabah, cras amet qui nunquam amavit quique amivit cras amet, suffer fools gladly, catharsis, co-creation, free love, enligtenment, metaphysics, sublime, starborn, princess, emitte lucem et veritatem, ascension, oneness, alignment, hope, love, divinity, what you do still betters what is done, non-linear time, peace, reality manifestation, coalescence, nobility, abyssus abyssum invocat, I'm A Diamond, I'm Not A Cop, Crying Game, Little Cup